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Citrate Made Simple.

10 mEq Citrate + Bicarbonate.



Using Your EMR to recommend LithoLyte

Choose the pharmacy

Search for "LithoLyte Health", which will be listed under the pharmacy or dispensing site in your EMR. The physical site is located in North Carolina.

Select a LithoLyte Health solution

Choose LithoLyte, CitraTabs, or OxFree.

If the you can't find the product you want

Select a corresponding product.

For example, if you want to recommend LithoLyte 15 mEq; choose a corresponding product such as potassium citrate 15 mEq. Write in your recommendation in the sig or comments of the corresponding product such as “LithoLyte 15 mEq one stick in water or beverage twice daily”.

We'll take care of the rest

Our electronic dispensing site will receive your recommendation. A support specialist will contact the patient with your recommendation to set up delivery.